November 2013

UVA/Micron agreed to establish CAP

The University of Virginia supported by seed funding and AP hardware from Micron, has established the Center for Automata Processing (CAP) as the world’s first

November 2013

Micron introduced AP board at SC13

June 2014

UVA expanded investment in CAP

June 2014

CIT CRCF Grant awarded, K. Skadron PI

August 2014

NSF Eager Grant awarded, M. Stan PI

November 2014

CAP attended SC14

February 2015

CAP presented its first paper on the AP (K. Zhou, at ICSC)

June 2015

CAP conducted tutorial on the AP at ISCA

October 2015

FermiLab joined as first member

November 2015

CAP attended SC15

January 2016

CAP received first AP hardware

March 2016

CAP presenting papers and teach AP tutorial at Supercomputing frontiers